About David M. Fortunat Denture Clinic

David Fortunat graduated from the VCC Denturist Program in 1994 with 3.98 GPA and the “George Connolly Award”. Practicing in West Kelowna since 1997, he is known for honest, high quality, high standard work with a high referral rate from satisfied patients.

We are a small family run business that has not compromised on honesty, integrity, or quality since we opened our doors in Westbank (now West Kelowna) in 1997. Everything we use to fabricate your masterpiece, from material to the European equipment we use is of high quality. Hours and hours of meticulous work go into each custom denture, many times into the wee hours of the morning. The denturist sacrifices many hours of personal time for the satisfaction of his patients. We believe in creating natural, functioning, beautiful teeth. Sometimes every tooth needs to be carved. We work with you until you are satisfied, only when you the patient approves, do we finish your piece of art. You are worth it!

Happy Patients, Happy Denturist!

We care about YOU! Custom work at an affordable, fair price!


  • Did you know: Broken dentures are not glued, they are fixed using acrylic which is cured and sometimes reinforced with a strengthening bar for added strength.
  • Did you know: The denturist has repaired dentures that have been in 10 or more pieces! TIP: Keep dentures away from your dogs, the acrylic absorbs the smells from your food, the dog thinks it’s a bone.
  • Did you know you do not need a referral to come and see your denturist, just call and book an appointment.
  • Did you know your denturist will refer you to a dentist for oral care on your natural teeth?
  • Did you know your denturist can refer you to an oral surgeon?

Thank you notes from our happy patients

“Thank you for a whole lot of nice! A big thanks for a 100% job well done.”

“Mr. Fortunat…with sincere appreciation, thank you. You’re really someone special.”

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the exceptional service I received on Monday. Your place of business is one of the nicest places to visit, without a doubt. Three years ago I had the same great service. I am a very satisfied client and won’t hesitate to recommend you or your excellent work. Thanks again.”

“Thank you for your kindness and patience. My new teeth are fantastic. You did an awesome job!”

“I have appreciated doing business with someone who is proud of what he does, and interested in getting me a quality set of teeth. I appreciate the way you keep your family under your wing, which is rare in the business world today. Most of all, I appreciate the genuine smiles that greet me when I come in for my appointments.”

“A simple thank you is too insignificant but this does come from the heart, and I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate the work that you put into my dental well being.”

“People like you make the world a better place. Thanks so much.”

“Thank you for taking the time to help me with my dental emergency. You understood my concern and gave so willingly of your time and talent.”

“I really do appreciate all the special consideration you gave on my behalf. My new dentures are a blessing. I am truly in your gratitude.”

“I love my smile and all you have done for me. Thank you so much!”

“Many thanks to you both for all you did for me to fix my dental plate. I was able to go and enjoy the rest of my holiday and eat to my heart’s content! You did a superb job!”

“Thank you both so much for bringing my smile and confidence back to my life, for squeezing in my appointments and all the hours you spent in perfecting my teeth! These dentures are even better than my original teeth yet no one knows they are not! Your kindness, caring and perfection will be rewarded.”

“Thank you for sacrificing part of your Saturday.”

“Thank you for your kindness and expertise. Your schedule was very busy and yet you reached out and provided me with assistance.”

family denturist okanagan
Fortunat Family Photo May2021
family denturist okanagan
family denturist okanagan

David M Fortunat Denture Clinic

6 - 2448 Main Street
West Kelowna, British Columbia
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